Skin79 Sue Hydrating Toner 150ml

Sue Hydrating Toner (150ml)

Product description:
It is a high moist toner, which gives moisture to the rough skin with soft applying effect. It includes Betaine, which is nature moistener and natural moisture factor Hyaluronic Acid.

Instantly softens and rehydrates the skin for enhanced suppleness. Replenishes moisture to keep the skin dewy soft.

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Skin79 Sue Hydrating Fluid 120ml

Skin79 Sue Hydrating Fluid 120ml

Toner + Emulsion + Essence at one time!

Sue Hydrating Fluid is a product of fluid type having function of toner, emulsion and essence at once with convenience.

It protects your skin from the loss of moisture by moisturizing skin.

Supplying sufficient moisture for dry skin and smoothening skin. So the product is an enriched essential fluid increasing absorbing

Phyto-Calciferol controls the differentiation and proliferation of cells forming keratin and keep your skin moisturized for a long time,without tightness by extracting Vitamin D3 and similar materials.

The product is an All-in-one type with a multiple function of toner + emulsion + essence without stickness and tightness of your skin for its brand-new technique.

* Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin
* All in 1 function – Toner + Emulsion +Essence
* Moisturize & Smoothen skin
* Helps to firming,hydrating & tightening skin
* Helps in healing scar
* Non stickiness and tightness of your skin.

Put appropriate amount all over your face and maki it abosorbed to the skin by tapping it gentle. No rinsing required.

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Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask 75ml


Skin 79 Home Self Spa Mask Rose Moisture Mask hydrates, cools and clams skin, resulting in dewy, radiant and pore-less skin. According to Chinese Medical Dictionary, Rose is effective in boosting circulation and accelerating metabolism.

**Function** Whitening + Hydrating + Skin Tightening + Skin Calming (for sensitive skin)

This soothing mask makes your skin feel even more moisturized and relieved with an excellent moisturizing effect of rose ingredient. It claimed that one bottle of this mask contains 1000 petals of fresh rose. The rose aroma enhances pleasantness when using it and extracts from cucumber and aloe make your skin feel refreshed.

Skin 79 Home Self Spa Mask Rose Moisture Mask hydrates, cools and clams skin, resulting in dewy, radiant and pore-less skin.

According to Chinese Medical Dictionary, Rose is effective in boosting circulation and accelerating metabolism.

Cleanse face with lukewarm water. Apply a layer of mask to face. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off thoroughly. Use 1-2 times a week.

Rose: It leaves skin hydrated and radiant
Cucumber Extract: It hydrates, calms and cools skin, leaving skin dewy and even-toned.
Aloe: It leaves skin soft and smooth.
Green Tea Extract: It protects skin from environmental aggressions.

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Skin 79 BB Cream

Super Plus Bb Cream Triple Functions (Hot Pink) 40g - $19.90

Super Plus Bb Cream Triple Functions (Perfection-Silver) 43.5g - $19.90

Super Plus Bb Cream (Gold Label)-40g - $19.90

Dream girls Bb cream 40g - $19.90

Homme Men bb cream 40 g - $19.90

Diamond Prestige Bb Cream 40g - $25.90

Absolute Total Diamond Bb Cream 40g - $28.90

Miniature Bb Cream 4 in 1 set 5g*4 - $15.90

Super Plus Bb Cream Triple Functions (Hot Pink Mini) 5g - $5.90

Super Plus Bb Cream (Gold Label MINI) 5g - $5.90

Diamond Prestige MINI 5g - $6.50

Skin 79 BB Cream (Luminous/Highlighting)

Shinny Pearl water Drop BB cream (oil free) 43.5g - $17.90

Diamond Luminous Pearl Bb Cream 20ml - $19.90

Crystal Pearl Bb Cream 35g - $16.90

Skin 79 BB Cream (Concealer)

Perfect Cover Diamond Bb Cream (Concealer)10g - $12.90

Perfect Cover Bb Concealer Dual Function -(Spot/Dark Circle Concealer) 3g*2 - $18.90

Skin79 Compact Powder Pact

Star Glow Ball Powder 14g - $20.90

Hot Pink compact Pact 15g - $17.90

VIP Gold hologram compact pact 16g- $19.90

Absolute Total Diamond Compact Powder pact 13g - $18.90

Diamond compact powder pact 13g - $18.90

Skin79 Loose Powder

All Day Sun Powder 13g - $20.90

Skin79 Blusher/Eye Shadow

Perfect Art Designing Dual Function - (Blusher/Eye Shadow) - 3g*2 - $17.90

Skin79 Toning/Hydrating Series

Sue Hydrating Gel 50ml - $19.90

Sue Hydrating Fluid 120ml - $21.90

Sue Hydrating Toner 150ml - $19.90

Crystal C Mist Toner 60ml - $13.90

Rose Mist Toner 60ml - $12.90

Skin79 Pore Care/Skin Renewal Series

Sweet honey sugar facial scrub 100ml -$19.90

Skin79 Cleanser

Crystal C Foam Cleanser 100ml - $16.90

Oriental Tea Cleanser 100ml - $16.90

Homme men cleanser 120ml - $13.90

Skin79 Home Self Spa Mask

SeaWeed Cooling Mask 75ml - $19.90

Lemon Brightening Mask 75ml - $19.90

Rose Moisture Mask 75ml - $19.90

Skin79 Sun Protection SPF 50+

Perfect UV Protection Cream SPF 50+ PA +++ - $19.90

Skin79 Moisture Lipstick Series

Moisture Lip Colour 3.5g - $13.90

Dr Jart BB Cream

Dr Jart Silver Label Rejuvenation BB cream 50ml- $29.90

Dr Jart Black Label Detox Healing BB Cream 50ml - $29.90

Dr Jart black label bb cream 8ml - $6.90

土小熊 (beauty innovation) mask

Miracle Skin Pore Tightening Platinum Pack Mask - 150g - $29.90

3 system pack sheet mask - $4.50

土小熊 (beauty innovation) bb cream

Multi effect Bb cream 40ml - $14.90

土小熊 (beauty innovation) facial wash

02 magic bubble wash 50ml (Free Crystal Peeling GEL)- $59.90

Enzyme powder wash 70g - $11 .00

Osory oil natural soap - $9.90

土小熊 (beauty innovation) pore care/skin renewal series

Pore Tightening serum 30ml (with free osory soap) - $24.90

Crystal Peeling Gel 150g- $21.90

土小熊 (beauty innovation) toner/hydrating series

Collagen Skin toner 150ml - $39.90

Everyday Moisture Mist 100ml - $19.90

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Skin79 Perfect UV Protection SPF 50++

Skin79 Perfect UV Protection SPF 50++


The sun cream intensively blocks UV ray A and B through a high blocking effects, protecting skin from bare exposure to intense UV rays in case of leisure time and outdoor activities.It is applied lightly and smoothly, keeping skin soft. Such vegetable ingredients good for pore contraction and care as Green Tea Extract and Calendula Extract keep skin healthy and fresh.

How To Use:
At the last stage of basic makeup, put some amount on face and exposed parts, then evenly spread it for absorption.

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